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Cloth & Candle was founded in 2016, with the intention of creating well made and affordable handcrafted products that are non GMO, waste free and vegan friendly.


"The soy melts are the best I have ever purchased, smell for such a long time. Candles are beautiful. I've never used such a good face and body scrub, totally converted me to use more organic products! Efficient service, fast delivery and amazing, high quality stuff! Highly recommended! 10/10"


"I received a gift box for Christmas. The waxed food covers are excellent and are getting a lot of use. The small bath 'bomb' I was very hesitant as I have always had to avoid ALL products with perfume scents, they make me so ill. However I was very surprised by the scent coming from the gift box and had noticed I was enjoying the scent as I walked into my bedroom and that I was not suffering from headaches or sinus. I gave the bath bomb a try and gosh, . . I was AMAZED. So very happy to finally enjoy a product and feel so girly without getting sick. Can't wait to enjoy the rest of my Cloh & Candle gifts. Thank You for your excellent products."


"Everything smells absolutely amazing! Coconut and lime is my fav, literally have not had a visible pore on my face since using the mocha scrub now I've had it in my life I cant go without haha service is the best and packaging is so cute and professional"